Terms or use and rating participation
Using the services of the http://www.24log.com website constitutes your acceptance of the following terms of use of the services that involve gathering and providing statistics of the registered userís site and its participation in the rating.

We reserve the right to modify the terms of this agreement at our own discretion by publishing such changes on our site, without prior personal notification.

During your visits to the 24LOG.COM site we gather such user information as IP address, geographical location, screen resolution, screen color depth, browser and operating system type, as well as other information transmitted by the browser.

We gather and analyze such information to better understand the public interest in our site as a whole or in the individual services we provide.

Upon registration, users provide some personal information, such as login name, password and e-mail address.

We promise to store this data where it cannot be accessed and not disclose it to any third parties on our own initiative.

We may unilaterally refuse to provide the services of gathering and providing online statistics for any reason without sending a personal notification to the user.

The services of gathering and providing statistics and rating participation will be denied to the following site types:

- sites engaging in illicit activities
- sites inciting interethnic strife
- sites propagating nationalism and racism
- sites engaged in spamming
- sites distributing child pornography or photos of naked children

Statistics services of 24LOG.COM are provided free of charge.

In compensation for the free services of statistics gathering and rating participation, the counter code includes a link (or links) to a site of an advertiser that operates in compliance with current Russian laws.

This advertiserís link may not be removed or modified in any way.

Otherwise, we reserve the right to deny services to the user, block or remove the userís account at our own discretion.

The user may not modify the HTML counter code (including dimensions of the entire counter image or its elements) received upon registration without the site administrationís consent. The counter must be visible on website pages where it has been installed.

24LOG.COM cannot guarantee an uninterrupted statistics service, nor is it liable for any disruptions or failures in the process of gathering statistics, providing them to users, and participation of user sites in the rating.

All disputes arising in connection with using the siteís services will be resolved in keeping with the legislatively prescribed procedure.

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